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KODIAK DOOR HANDLE ROD KIT 88-00 OBS / GMT400 / C/K1500/2500/3500


This kit is for persons that already have (4) door handles in posession. 


This kit comes with every clip and rod necessary to swap your handles out.


Lock Cylinder Pawls x2 

Lock Cylinder Retainer Clip x2

Door Handle Latch Rod x4

Door Handle Lock Rod x2

Door Handle Latch Rod Clip x4

Door Handle Lock Rod Retainer Clip x2 

Kodiak Door Handle Rods (4 DOOR)

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  • To change your door handles over to these robust kodiak door handles, you must have atleast a  flat head screwdriver, phillips screw driver, a 10mm with an extension, a ratchet and some patience. 

    Step 1: Make sure your window is all the way up.

    Step 2: Remove both the door handle trim, power window controls, and the mirror trim pieces.

    Step 3: Start gently pulling the door panel away from the door. 

    Step 4: Remove the interior light out of the door. 

    Step 5: Lift the door panel up to separate it from the door. 

    Step 6: Remove the 2 10mm bolts holding the door handle in.

    Step 7: Remove the door handle and remove your locks out of your door handles. ( The lock cylinders have to be swapped from L - R ) 

    Step 8: Install supplied lock rod and latch rods onto your new handles. 

    Step 9: Remove old latch clips and install new ones

    Step 10: Fit up the kodiak handle, slide the latch rod into the latch mechanism and push the lock rod onto the lock clip.

    Repeat steps 2-7 in reverse. 

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